Why Does Your Business Need Clipping Path Services?

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Photo editing today plays a major role in the e-commerce sector. If you run an e-commerce business, you know how important it is, to make your product stand out. You will agree that cutting an object out is never as simple as cutting the object. A perfect clipping requires a closed vector path that is sleek and has no unfinished corners. Else, the items would not appear real and, it may look strange for the end-customer. In short, improper clipping may be a disaster for your business online.

Your product image on any e-commerce marketplace/store is the only sample the customer will ever see before purchasing the actual product. Marketers too will agree that product image plays a major role in defining the purchase intent of the end-customer. Clipping path services may transform an ordinary photo of any product, into a masterpiece leveraged by online marketers.

How to make your Product Images Stand Out?

1. Bright and Shiny Images

An efficient clipping path service makes the product image appear shiny and appropriate for an e-commerce store. In order to make your product photo stand out, artists follow these steps, generally.

1.1. Background Removal: The object/product image is cut out from the original image. A sleek line is drawn on the product’s boundary, known as the clipping path, and irrelevant items are cropped out from the image.

1.2. Color correction: Any residual color from the background is rectified to match the object’s original color. The color correction step also helps set up the product image as per the marketing theme.

1.3. Shadow making: Usually, when an object is placed under light, it casts a shadow. The best clipping path service providers, conceptualize the shadow and add it to the product, virtually.

1.4. Ghost Mannequin effect: In case of apparels, this effect is used to clip ghost mannequin from the original product image. As a result, customers can have a better look at the product before making an actual purchase.

1.5. Neck Joint Effects: A type of ghost mannequin effect, the neck joint service is done by using two different images: Outer product image and Inner product image. The final image helps customers check the product inside-out, and elevate conversion rates.


2. Customers love Bright Images

Believe or not, but almost 90% of the customers’ purchase decisions happen within the subconscious mind. Also, online shoppers cannot touch, feel or sense a product, unlike an actual brick �n’ mortar store. The purchase decisions are usually made by observing the product images, cost and the brief product description that comes along with the product.

If the images are appealing enough, the customer moves on to read the product description and the pricing. If all the three facets satisfy his requirement, a sale takes place. Well-clipped product images help the customer connect with the value proposition easily, and promote sales for your business.


3. Well-Clipped Images Elevate your Site Value

Consider an example, one of your competitors has thousands of products in his store, but they are usually coupled with low-quality, raw product images. On the other hand, you run a small store and have no more than a few 100 products on your web-shop. Eventually, the product images will play a major role in the user-experience of your website, and its online credibility.

As a result, your web-shop, with less number of products will supposedly outrank your competition by a mile. If you plan to scale up further, each product on your website must be supplemented with an engaging and clear product image.


4. Customers Ignore Dull Images

Raw images can be deceptive. At times, it may lead your customer to bounce off from your web-shop. An item may be useful and cost-effective for a customer, but due to a low-quality product image, there is a great chance, the sale might not happen.

Similarly, we stop for a moment, when something engaging pops up. In fact, wonderful images grab our attention and improve the selling proposition of the product.

Consider a case, where you, as a customer, make a purchase online. A few seconds later, a really engaging product image appears with a cost that suits your pocket. Undoubtedly, you will be tempted to make a purchase as the image reinforced your purchase intent.


How to Identify the Best Clipping path Service?

Before you determine the best clipping path service provider online, one factor has to be considered: quality of output. Conventionally, you can explore designer platforms and contact multiple service providers. But it will take time, and possibly, even the finished work may not be up to the mark.

Yet, you can contact some new and upcoming service providers for a trial. Make sure that they have a professional team well-versed in Adobe Photoshop CC. Modern clipping path services also offer removal of ghost mannequin, or the product shadow, to achieve exhaustive product isolation. Moreover, specialist service providers can help “add” essential features to the product image. Be it color, intensity, graphics resolution, a point of focus or the camera angle-these specialists can get the requisite changes done.


Here’s how to choose your Clipping Service Provider:

  1. Research well about the clipping path service providers and costs involved.
  2. Assign an image and test the quality of a free/paid trial.
  3. Check the service provider’s reviews.
  4. Ask for their current editing software, and if the work will be done manually.
  5. Ask for the execution process and the tentative timeline of delivery.


Clipping Path Service for Marketers

Marketers usually leverage dynamic image isolation process, which helps direct all the visual attention to specific features of the product image. As a result, marketers can prioritize the items that would stay or will be cropped, in the final isolated image of the product.

The strategic image manipulation can also be followed to attain similar precision. Under the process, the initial image is aligned to serve a predetermined purpose. Perhaps, the best clipping tasks are done manually, to correspond to a marketing theme, through color correction.

In product photography, the simplest use of the service is to remove the background from the product image. The clipping path goes around the product and eliminates any irrelevant details. The cropped product image is now placed on a different background and saved as a transparent image.

From the above pointers, we can deduce that these services not only remove the background or irrelevant details, but they also supplement some essential components of the product photography. The best clipping path service will help you streamline the retouch task of your eCommerce website. It will enable you to focus on more creative, ROI-generating work.

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