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Appealing, clean, and well-finished product images can help you gain more customers. Our company knows exactly how to do this for you as we are very professional and dedicated to our clients’ needs.

Our photo editing services perfectly fulfill the needs of a professional photographer looking to save time editing photos or a beginner looking to have professional image services.

Working with us allows you to spend less and sell extra. Check out our high-quality image editing services.


Clipping Path

Clipping Creations India's Manually Drawn Clipping Path Will Help You Save Time.

Clipping path is the technique of removing a specific form from a photograph in order to improve its appearance. The clipping path service employs the Photoshop pen tool to build paths around any object or entity in order to choose and operate on them afterward.

With our professional image clipping service, you get an image background to your liking. It can be by removing the background or adjusting it to display more prominently. Other names for clipping paths include photo clipping, deep etching, background removal, silo gallery, and image cut out.

clipping path beforeclipping path Service
product photo editingproduct photo editing service

Product Photo Editing

High-Quality Product Photo Editing Made Easy.

Every day, we notice highly appealing and tempting products on e-commerce stores such as Amazon or eBay, and it’s all thanks to the visuals they supply. Product photo editing service focuses on these online stores and alters product images to meet their visual standards, resulting in increased sales and profit for sellers.

So, suppose you have an online e-commerce store, and you want your product images to stand out in the market. In that case, our product photo editing service is the ultimate answer as we will create better product images that will speak for themselves and definitely increase sales.

Background Remove

Let Your Photos Stand Out with a Cost-Effective and Fast Background Removal

Background removal service gives you a clean image. It is the process of isolating a subject and giving it a solid and crystal clear background. Your image may be moved to a beautiful location or left with a white background that brings out its beauty. Clipping Creations India is your professional background remove service provider. We give your images clean borders and neat backgrounds to attract customers and increase your sales in the long run. Achieving this flawless look is not easy; it takes a professional hand. Even with free photoshop tools available online, the edits required must be done by someone with rich experience in photo background removal services. Your images will stand out and allow better viewing of customers looking for products.

complex shaped subjectscomplex shaped subjects removal
layer masking beforeLayer Masking

Image Masking

Detecting Each Fur and Hair Strand with Quick and Affordable Image Masking Service

The picture masking service is primarily used to remove fur or unwanted hair from the image of a product or model. Masking photographs is also useful when you want to hide some aspects of your image while revealing others. It is a completely non-destructive image editing procedure that will make your photographs appear fantastic without sacrificing quality.

Hence, if you intend to publish photos to e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay and your images demand a white background on the fury/hairy parts or the substitution of any single hue to match your background, our professional masking services are top-notch.

Drop Shadow Service

Enhance the Quality of the Photos by Adding Photoshop Shadows or 3D effects

Adding a drop shadow photoshop is, at a basic level, quite simple, the difference between an elementary creation & the result of a professional image processing service is measureless.

Drop Shadow in Photoshop generates a sense of depth & texture applying the best impression that the intention slightly raised above the background. We create the shadow effect that accurately imitate their natural reflections using advanced blending & softening techniques. On the other hand these images can be easily manipulated to create a range of variation.

At Clipping Creations India, we have more artists & DTP experts have wide range of image manipulation experience & can create perfect drop shadow in photoshop for your images which will look 100% natural, nice & gorgeous.

retaining original shadowretaining original shadow
ghost mannequin beforeghost mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Stay on Budget and Increase Sales with Ghost Mannequin Effects

Because genuine model photography is becoming increasingly expensive, the ghost mannequin illusion may be the ideal substitute.

The mannequin effect is a term used to describe the ghost image modification phenomenon that has reached new heights – thanks to technological innovation. Neck joint image editing, often known as the ghost mannequin effect, is now achievable because of today’s software and graphics rendering power.

First, you should capture your merchandise with a dummy or mannequin and then send the photographs to our professional photo editor team. We will then remove the form and produce the ghost mannequin effect for your merchandise to give it a 3D look and catch customers’ attention.

Color Correction

Get your complete range of products image without taking photos of every variation

Color correction, often known as grading, is an image editing process of changing the color of photos to make them look as precise as possible.

Our professional image editor generally can modify the color tone of your image, update the RGB, and adjust the white balance. Our color correction service also involves colorizing any product to the desired saturation level. 

If you own an e-commerce site or use other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, your product images may require a vibrant color background to be more appealing to customers. We can improve every aspect of your product image, making it more colorful, flawless, and more appealing.

Color CorrectionColor Correction Service
photo retouching beforephoto retouching service

Photo Retouching

Your Trusted Partner for Photo Retouching.

Regardless of how well you plan and execute your photoshoot, flaws will inevitably be there. The purpose of image retouching is to remedy tiny inevitable flaws and make them flawless. Whether you are a photographer or just someone who enjoys taking pictures, you will need this expert photo retouching service to convey a smooth polished image.

Our photo retouch service clears blemishes and spots, improves skin tone, corrects framing and lighting concerns, and other picture editing services – including glamour retouching, with the goal of producing spectacular results for product photos that can stand out from the crowd and boost purchases.

Vector Conversion Service

Your Trusted Partner for Vector Conversion Service.

All of these little details make a difference in whether a shot sells or not. Unfortunately, no matter how skilled your photographer skills are, not every shot comes out perfect. Perhaps the sample arrived damaged, and there was no way to replace it. Maybe your makeup artist was not on the right track.
It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you can still get the shot that you want. It takes patience and time. You might find yourself unable to use your camera after spending hours removing every speck or wrinkle. Clipping Path can handle your editing. It doesn’t matter if you shoot it again. We will remove all dust and scratches, smoothen wrinkles and remove camera reflections to make your model’s picture-perfect. You can get flawless retouching services by hand-editing photos and paying attention to every detail. Your products will sell if they look great. It’s as simple as that.

vector servicesvector conversion service
drop shadow makingdrop shadow service

Car Photo Editing

Your Trusted Partner for Car Photo Editing.

At Clipping Creations India, we have a comprehensive range of car photo editing and background replacements services to give you perfect images to display online and attract potential buyers. Our photo editing services are extensive to ensure your car photos look perfect or appear in your preferred way. We are a team of professionals and complete every job within our client’s deadline. As an automotive dealer, you should have stunning pictures to impress buyers enough to make them contact you for a purchase.