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The best drop shadow service in the photo editing industry

Wondering what your image is lacking to have that professional look? After editing your photo, your products lacks a definitive image. Just like a typical photo, a shadow gives an image dimension and clarity.
Adding a shadow is an intricate service. One layer is not going to do the job. You need layer after layer to give the depth, layering and density. It can be back-breaking work if you don’t have the expertise and experience.
Save yourself the time, stress and frustration by outsourcing the work to the experts at Clipping Creations India. Our photo editing services and graphic designing services will be customized to meet your needs and demands. Leave it to the experts.

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A shadow creation service at an affordable price

The service industry is quite the competitive one. Consumers and clients are continuously looking for product images that stand out. To impress them, you need the ideal product that represents a polished image and premium service. Along with our other highly recommended services, our shadow making service is one that can take your service to the next level.
Our drop shadow services are competitively priced to make them affordable across all budgets. You don’t have to break the bank to get unique and perfect images. With us, you get value for every dollar you spend.
Known for our clipping path service, Clipping Creations India also provides premium Photoshop drop shadow services to its clients. To lure in your audience, get in touch with the leading experts and receive a free quote for your queries.
And did we mention of our free trial?

Additional types of shadow making services that we offer

As the leading shadow creating service provider in the industry, our clients rely on us to meet their every need. To live up to our reputation, we offer a diverse number of Photoshop shadow creation service. Some of the notable options have been highlighted below:

Reflection Shadow Effect

This particular effect bears resemblance to the use of a mirror-like surface. The purpose of it is to improve the visibility and vulnerability of your product image. The reflective surface serves to create a shadow however after the editing, the shadow will be removed since the background will be erased.
Not all product images work well with the reflection/ mirror shadow effect. From our experience in the industry, we recommend to use photos of ceramic and beauty products, plastic bottle, medical products, jewelry, showpieces and electronic equipment.

Drop Shadow Creation

Save for our color corrections and image masking services, this is one of the most requested services from our portfolio. As implied by the name, this is the type of shadow that is created at the bottom of the object to increase its field depth. While it might be a popular Photoshop service, it is one that can be noted in real life.
The beauty of the drop shadow effects is the professional look that it gives your products. If you check on advertisements on the various digital platforms, you can take note of the use of a drop shadow service. The services brings about a stunning final product image and increases the authenticity, impressing the customer/ client tenfold.
Clipping Creations India can create the feeling of a genuine product by the use of this image manipulation service. Click on the following link to move to our service page and request for the shadow creating service. In case of any questions you can reach us via mail or through our online enquiry form.

Natural Shadow Creation

In the physical space, anything tangible that has form and shape has the capability of producing a shadow. The same is captured by photographers and videographers. This is the natural shadow. During the editing of photos, the shadow of an object can be removed when changing or removing the background of the image. When the natural shadow is removed, the final photo has a surreal feel about.
When in such a scenario, it is best to request the services of the experts at Clipping Creations India. Our editors can cast shadow effects for the object in question and retain the natural look for your final photo.

Retaining The Original Shadow

Controlling the natural shadows in the original shoot can be quite the challenge. There are several issues to take into consideration for example, the quality of lighting, poor selection of the background, inappropriate camera settings and the use of props. Despite the many challenges and the outcome, the final product must be released.
The professionals at Clipping Creations India have the years of experience to retain the original shadow marks but improve on its definition and contrast. You can trust in the number one photo-editing and photo retouching service in the industry to bring the best clarity of your photos.

Benefits of a shadow creation service

Most of the clients we have served over the years over-emphasize the importance of lighting in the visual effect of a photo. They forget that there are two significant elements to a photo; the lighting and the shadow. There are several benefits of requesting for a shadow-making service.

Quality image

They say that ‘a photo is worth a thousand words’ and ‘first impression matters.’ With a photo, you will only get one chance to entire or lure in a potential client. And in this competitive service industry, you have to lead with your best foot forward. The lack of a shadow has the potential of ruining an impression and destroying the whole image. To make your image perfect and unforgettable, ask the experts at Clipping Creations India for a shadow-making service. It has the effect of creating a quality and premium image.

Natural looking image

In the service industry and on e-commerce sites, customers will make purchases because they can relate and are convinced by what they see, hear or feel. Without the proper application or the lack of a shadow, your image looks disjointed and unnatural. In some cases, the image looks as if it is floating. Unless that is the intended goal, you are bound to lose out on customers.

Removing Distractions

You might have distractions in the background that may take away the attention of the viewer. You can remove them by using a background removal service but that will also remove the shadow. The pros at Clipping Creations India will add a solid background and add the proper amount of shadow. Your photo will lose its distractions and maintain a natural feel.

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The following information provides answers to the most common questions that customers regularly have about the topic of clipping path service.

The term clipping path refers to a closed vector path. This path is utilized to take a 2D image and cut it out with the use of editing software. Anything that is included in the clipping path will be included in the final version once the path has been applied. Anything that is outside of the clipping path will be excluded from the final version of the image. Our team of clipping path service experts here at Clipping Creations India has a wealth of experience in undertaking this form of photo editing so that we can consistently deliver the industry’s best results.

There are some specific areas where it is necessary to use the services of a professional clipping path service company. These areas include photos that need to be edited for use in advertising and business-related material where the original background is too noisy or crowded. Clipping path service makes it possible to produce desirable results when it comes to the creation of shadows, photo retouching, and color correction.

One of the common questions that customers have is regarding the difference between clipping path service and deep-etching. The answer to this question is actually a simple one. Clipping path and deep-etching are two different names for the same service.

Customers also want to know when they should apply clipping path. The answer to this is that clipping path should be utilized when an image’s subject has smooth, sharp edges. Using our professional service will ensure that the clipping path stays straight. Trying to do this on your own can often result in a clipping path that is poorly drawn. The end result of this is an image that does not have the desired appearance that you were going for. This is a key reason to turn to our professionals here at Clipping Creations India.

Online store owners are among the most likely to outsource their image clipping service needs to our team here at Clipping Creations India. These online business owners often have to deal with many thousands of images. It can be incredibly challenging for them to find the time required to engage in photo post-processing. This can be highly challenging for business owners who value their time greatly. Trying to get the desired results in-house is also a significant challenge. This is a key reason why so many online store owners turn to our professional expertise for all of their clipping service needs.

When you outsource your product photo editing needs to our team here at Clipping Creations India, you are choosing the industry leader. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are free of the hassle involved with image clipping. You can rest easy knowing that your clipping service needs are being handled by our team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Business owners that work within the e-commerce realm are the ones who are the most likely to require our clipping path service. They turn to us when they need results that they can count on for images that will display on their online platforms. If you run an online store, you can rely on the Clipping Creations India team to provide you with fast and effective image clipping services that live up to your expectations. We have the capability to effectively manage an extensive number of files and we can do so quickly.

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