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Terms and Conditions – Clipping Creations India

We appreciate you selecting Clipping Creations India. When you register, visit, use, or interact with our website and services or access any content or material made available by Clipping Creations India through the Service, you are entering into a legal agreement with Clipping Creations India.

Our clients have exclusive and proprietary rights and ownership to all materials they deliver to Clipping Creations India (CCI). CCI cannot use the materials for any other purpose without the Clients’ written consent.  

This page is our Terms and Conditions Page. Before you deal with us, we request you to go through these terms and conditions. 

What Kind of Information Do We Collect from You?

Some personal information that you’ll be asked to provide. The reasons why you’re asked to provide it will be clarified when we request your data.

When you contact us directly, we’ll receive extra data about you, including your email address, full name, self-phone number, the contents of the message and attachments you send us, and any other data you provide.

When you register for a new account, we may ask for your contact information, including your name, email address, company name, and telephone number.

Information we need: 

  1. Clients Name
  2. Profession 
  3. Address 
  4. Country Origin
  5. Contact Information (Phone No, Email ID, and others if required)
  6. Company Name 
  7. Information and Resources (Images, any preferences) for project completion.
  8. We do not use free trial or project images for commercial or advertising purposes without the client’s permission. 


  • The client will bear full responsibility for any product style specifically requested. 
  • CCI or the client as a result of any product style requested by the client, created by CCI, and given to the client.
  • If CCI becomes aware of any copyright infringement issue, CCI will notify the client and may refuse to accommodate such a request.

Use of Clients’ Information

CCI uses clients’ information to drive their interests and specific project preferences. We use them to: 

  • Offer immediate assistance in order to run and manage our website efficiently.
  • We may improve, personalize, or expand our website to the next level.
  • Understand and analyze your daily or monthly usage of our website.
  • Develop and improve our services with new products, services, and features.
  • In order to interact with you directly or through one of our partners, for example, regarding consumer feedback or Service.
  • CCI may send you business emails, updates, or other information about our Services or features.
  • Use your information for promotional marketing purposes.
  • Based on customer information, CCI may discover fraud and prevent you from them.  


  • Both CCI and the client acknowledge that any oral or written information shared for the agreement is considered highly private information (“Confidential Information”) by both parties. 
  • Each party shall maintain strict confidentiality of all Confidential Information without obtaining the other party’s written consent.
  • Clients shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any third party, including the existence of any agreement and its terms and conditions, except in the following circumstances:

1) Information in the public domain (provided that this is not the result of public disclosure by the receiving party). 

2) Information that is required by law but still must be approved by the client. 

3) Information that is required to be disclosed by any Party to its legal counsel or financial advisor regarding the transaction contemplated hereunder, and such legal counsel or financial advisor are also bound by confidentiality duties similar to the responsibilities in this section.

Disclosure of confidential information by anyone associated with either party, including but not limited to staff members, contractors, agents, management, directors, and owners, shall be held liable for such breach under the agreement. 

Third-Party Scheme:

CCI will not assign its obligations under the agreement to a third party. In such cases, CCI will obtain a prior written agreement from the client. However, at all times, CCI would remain fully responsible for the complete delivery and adhere to the conditions outlined in the contract. 

CCI does not use or work with third-party for any of our projects. However, we have no access to or control over third-party cookies. We may use links from cloud services for payment and project delivery, but we do not share any obligation for those links. 

And we advise our clients to be aware of third-party terms and conditions before agreeing. 

Advertising Partners Policies:

Outsider Ad Networks or Ad Servers generally use advances like JavaScript, Cookies, or Web Beacons in their particular promotions and connections on Clipping Creations India, which are sent straightforwardly to clients’ programs.

Notwithstanding, they naturally accept your IP address when you peruse the site. These advancements might gauge the viability of their promoting efforts alongside customizing the publicizing content you visit on sites.

You can counsel this rundown to find the security strategy for every publicizing accomplice of Clipping Creations India.

CCI Payment Policy:

We acknowledge installment through PayPal, Wire Transfer, 2Checkout, Payoneer, Skrill, and Western Union.

Our organization doesn’t assume a sense of ownership with any technical errors during the installment move process.

Free Trial:

Clipping Creations India provides a three-image free trial for new clients. We will qualify the opportunity for a free trial by using a business site and an email address from our clients. Clients must give their site URLs while finishing the free trial service. 

Moreover, if we cannot receive helpful information and other credentials from you, we have the right to turn down or decrease your trial service from a 3-image to a 2/1 image free trial. 

Feedback and Revision Policy:

Clipping Creations India doesn’t receive payment before the completion of projects. Instead, we deliver clients’ projects, and upon acceptance of the complete project, we accept our payments. However, if clients want to bring any changes or are unsatisfied with the final version, we offer unlimited revision until the project meets their standards. Upon completion of the feedback, both parties complete their payments. 

Turnaround Period: 

When you are all done uploading all the project images, the CCI turnaround time begins from that moment. We do not initiate our start time when the request is submitted.

We Do Not Accept Images Like:

We rigidly deny obscene, nude, and any improper pictures. Clipping Creations India maintains the authority to refuse any assistance to clients who present the previously mentioned pictures. 

Cookie Policy:

A cookie is a small document that demands consent to be put on the hard circle of your PC. When you acknowledge, the record is transferred, and the cookie aids online traffic examination or informs you when you visit a specific website.  

Cookies empower online applications to respond extraordinarily to you. The web application can adjust tasks to your necessities, likes, and abhorrence by gathering and holding data about your inclinations.

Clipping Creation India uses traffic log cookies to determine which pages are being gotten to. This empowers us to assess page traffic measurements and to foster our site to all the more likely to take special care of buyer prerequisites. However, we use this data for measurable examination and, like this, erase it from the framework.

As a general rule, cookies help us furnish you with superior web-based insight by permitting us to follow which pages you view as supportive and which you don’t. There is not even the slightest chance that cookies will interfere with your device information or any information about you. Cookies only save for the information you willfully submit to us.

You have the choice of tolerating or declining treats. Although most internet browsers permit cookies, you can, by and significant, change your program settings to dismiss pleasures assuming that you like them. This might restrict you from completely utilizing the site.

Website Disclaimer:

This site contains material for general information purposes only. While we attempt to keep in sync with the most recent and exact information, we make no depictions or assurances of any kind, express or recommended, concerning the satisfaction, precision, constancy, fittingness, or openness concerning the site or the material.

Our efforts are seamless and spontaneous to keep our site moving as planned. However, we are not obligated to specialize in issues unchangeable as far as the organization might be concerned or the site’s impermanent inaccessibility.

We will acknowledge claims of any agreements referenced over that we could break. Nonetheless, we won’t be at risk assuming our clients disregard our agreements.

Clipping Creations India additionally can change any satisfaction on this site with no earlier notification to our clients.