Making Sure Your Images Are Ready For The Web

Visual design is an integral part of any project today. Especially on the web, you have to make your images are consistent and up to snuff. Making sure that your images look good is just part of the problem, you also have to make sure that the image can properly fit in the context it showed. You may even want to isolate an image from its background or to edit some parts of it, something like Deep Etching.

These may seem like trivial stuff to you, but it’s important to know that presentation, especially in the visually-charged environment of the web is everything. Take for example you are starting up a shop and want to show your products, sure enough, you can hire high-end photographers to take pictures of your photographs in a consistent manner under a consistent background. This process is sometimes called image masking. This falls apart when you realize how much these services costs and know that you must continuously hire these professionals for every new batch of products you wish to push on your site. How about when you want to change the visual design of your site and suddenly the images of the products don’t match as they are presented on your site. You would have to conduct color correction to all of your images. This seemingly small thing is enough to change the mind of a prospective buyer to leave your site.

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