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Are you looking for a clipping path service provider to help you with professional photo editing services for your products? Then look no further than Clipping Creations India. We offer a wide range of image editing, masking, and photo retouching services to photographers and retouchers who want high-quality images at a competitive price.

Use our one-stop service for product photos, including image editing services such as Photoshop editing, background details, retouching, and shadows. Get expert help with image editing solutions anytime.

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Clipping Path Services & Photo Editing Provider

Looking for reliable Photoshop services to transform your images into high-quality and remarkable pieces? Try our Photoshop editing service for a simple photo cut and see the difference. Want to offer your clients a jaw-dropping experience? Your search ends here!

Clipping Creations India is not just an ordinary photo editing company – we’re the master of details and versatility in providing image retouching, image manipulation service, photoshop services, and deep etching services!

Picture this – every curve, every edge, every detail we draw with perfection using our image editing technique. Whether it’s simple photo cuts or intricate Photoshop editing, our photo editing service ensures flawless results. Our expert editors provide a high-quality image editing service by creating vector paths to flawlessly outline your subjects. With our photo editing service, we can easily perform simple photo cuts and enhance the overall appearance of your photos.

Any kind of clipping path service – from basic to multiple and vector clipping, you say the name. We’ll do it for you. We are second to none when it comes to background removal, ghost mannequin effect, photo retouching, color correction and anything you need for your business.

Any kind of photo cut service – from basic to multiple and vector clipping, you say the name. Our expert team will ensure high-quality photos that meet the specific needs of each customer. With our efficient processes, we can deliver results quickly and at a competitive price. We’ll do it for you. We are experts in background removal, ghost mannequin effects, photo retouching, color correction, and expert clipping. Our services cater to the needs of our customers and their business. We provide high-quality photos and ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you need expert clipping, photos, or CCI services, we have got you covered.

We’re not just a company; we’re your partners in transforming ideas into reality. With a team of skilled editors and our commitment to deadlines, we’ve earned the trust of clients worldwide. Even if our expertise knows no bounds, our approach is always personalized.

Let us turn your dream into reality and answer with quality. Whether you’re looking for crispy e-commerce images or breathtaking manipulations, we’ve got you covered.

Connect with Clipping Creations India today and experience the success of precision like never before!

Our photo editing Services

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At Clipping Creations India, we offer our clients the best-looking results for photographs with our high-quality services. Our team is well experienced. We make sure to deliver well-represented photos in order to enhance great reception from your audience. Some of the examples of the types of professional image editing services are as follows:

multiple clipping pathclipping path

Clipping Path

Get a fully hand-drawn clipping path

Editing all day saps your passion for your work. To attract customers to your products and make their purchases, you need a perfect image clipping path and clear photos by background removing. Unfortunately, clipping path edits can be tedious when launching hundreds or even thousands of products per week.

Clipping path doesn’t take too much time to edit Photoshop. You don’t need to spend too much time trying to get the complex clipping path on time. We are betting that this is not what you were expecting when you started this job. You get clean cut-outs and perfect multi clipping path service with hand-drawn images. If the images are clean, you’ll be able to convert more of them.

Background removal

Make your product images stand out

Clear borders and neat backgrounds are necessary to encourage customers to buy your stuff. However, this takes a great deal of time. Amazon and eBay recommend or even require white backgrounds or transparent background for their listings. Most eCommerce platforms and online store require product images as part of the listing process.

Despite the fact that these platforms are different, most of them have some common image guidelines.

However, you do not need to spend hours working in Photoshop. We are committed to providing you with high-quality background removal services. Every background is manually removed. We do not use any automation or shortcut methods.

photo background removeimage background remove
product photo clippingproduct photo editing

Product Photo Editing

Top-notch product visuals to drive more sales

Many people are capable of taking quality product photos. However, you might think about hiring a pro to edit these pictures for you. You might send the images to a company that offers product photo editing services. High-resolution photographs are a guarantee when using these reputable providers. Better-quality images are also likely to draw a lot of customers, increasing sales.

Our experts can remove unsightly marks or scratches from any product image, ensuring perfection. In this industry, a perfect design can cost hundreds of dollars to acquire; the cost will increase if you hire a professional. You could lose time and money looking for a small flaw or color imbalance. Your product image may be made ideal for eCommerce platforms with a minor edit or background removal. What then should you do? The team at Clipping Creations India is available to edit your photo and fix any issues.

Photo Retouching

Remove blemished and make your images more appealing

All of these little details make a difference in whether a shot sells or not. Unfortunately, not every photo you take will turn out perfectly, regardless of how great you are as a photographer. Perhaps there was no way to replace the sample because it was already damaged when it arrived. Perhaps your makeup artist made a mistake.

All of these little details make a difference in whether a shot sells or not. Unfortunately, not every photo you take will turn out perfectly, regardless of how great you are as a photographer. Perhaps there was no way to replace the sample because it was already damaged when it arrived. Perhaps your makeup artist made a mistake.

Clipping Creations India will clean up any dust or scratches, iron out any wrinkles, and eliminate any camera reflections. It makes no difference if you reshoot it. You can get flawless image retouching services by hand-editing photos and paying attention to every detail. If your products are attractive, they will sell well.

model photo before retouchphoto retouching service
ghost mannequin photographyghost mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Get rid of a mannequin, and sell more apparel products with our neck joint service

It’s crucial to have a mannequin service that enables you to convert browsers into customers for your products. You can discover the ideal replacement for live models in these cloth-draped figures, which simply require a few minutes to create using Photoshop services or After Effects. This makes it simple to complete projects on limited time and budgets.

Cheap cost clipping paths mannequin service takes the hassle out of product photography. When your customers can picture themselves wearing what you’re offering with products dressed in numerous sought-after spots throughout town, it’s simple to convert browsers into buyers.

Image Masking

Remove furry, hairy, or complex borders from the background

The last thing you want to do after a hard day of shooting is to spend hours photo masking your pictures so you can put them on a white background. It is especially true if you have undefined edges such as hair or eyes.

You want to have fun, plan shoots, and creative retouching. Not every hair needs to be exactly aligned. The sooner you complete the modifications, the sooner you can get back to your favorite work. You don’t have to spend time making time-consuming modifications with us. Use your time to challenge and inspire yourself instead.

image clipping masking serviceimage masking service
color correctionphoto color correction

Color Correction

Visualize your entire collection of products without shooting every variant

It makes sense to photograph a product in many color variations and then edit the photographs using graphic design tools. Utilize photographs for product listings, internet marketing, and other uses to get the most out of your photography investment. When hundreds of color changes are required for numerous goods, the workload can quickly increase. 

For product launches or promotions, a small color change in a few files might quickly grow into a massive batch that could take the entire week. There is little time left over to develop your company or pursue your artistic interests. Utilize our color correction services. We will make time for you to do important tasks.

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No matter how large-scale your projects are, our dedicated team can provide quality services for all types of businesses.

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Our services are cheaper than other ordinary companies in the market; our price starts as low as only 0.35$.

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If our service doesn't meet the quality required, we can do instant corrections to the images without any charge.

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We are a highly secure and user-friendly graphic design firm; we have a robust, secure FTP server for every client.

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Fastest Turnaround

Our Adobe-certified designers offer you quality Photoshop services with full efficiency and the shortest turnaround time.

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How Do We Do Our Clipping At Clipping Creations India?

Clipping Creations India is one of the leading multi clipping path service providers of our time. We always provide our customers with a manual photo clipping path. Our organization is home to hundreds of highly trained employees. This is why we can always meet our deadline and deliver thousands of edited images in a day. 

Our available manpower also enables us to work fast with satisfactory results. We can meet all your requirements. We ensure that all our client’s requirements are fulfilled. Missing a deadline! Not a chance with us. We offer you the best deep etching services at a very affordable price.

We are also able to safeguard the content for our clients thanks to our deep etching & background removal services. Every piece of software and DTP is constantly updated, licensed, and secure, stimulating and securing every feature. All photographs are edited, thanks to the expertise of our team.

Our team frequently uses Photoshop to alter the hand-drawn image. Each editing procedure will be watched over by a quality observer, reducing any mistakes. They review the output after our editor finishes to make sure it is as per our client’s request. This is always done to ensure that the client gets the best cut out service.

CCI - Best Clipping Path Service Provider Company

Every day of the week (24/7), Clipping Creations India is open around-the-clock. You can be confident that the final product we produce will precisely match your requirements and preferences; Thanks to our qualified and renowned team.

By using the top clipping path service provider, you not only save time but are also confident in the image quality. In addition to the best clipping path service, we also provide affordable professional photo editing services such as background removal, drop shadow, image raster, image masking, image modification, and web image optimization.


Frequently Asked Questions About Clipping Path

How do we create a clipping path?

We use the Photoshop Pen tool (but not limited to) to outline the subject by placing anchor points along the edges. Next, we close the path to complete our outline.

Our next step involves converting the path to a selection and applying the clipping path to isolate the subject. Finally, we share the results with you for review and feedback if needed.

What clipping path services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of clipping path services to meet our client’s requirements. A quick peek at the clipping path services we offer are-

Basic Clipping Path

We provide any basic clipping path service for any product you ask for. Just name it!

Complex Clipping Path

We also work with detailed objects, including complex shapes and multiple curves. We offer the attention your project deserves. 

Compound Clipping Path 

We use compound clipping paths for products that require individual attention like clothing items with accessories. 

Super Complex Clipping Path

Objects like jewelry or any industrial machinery demand the highest level of precision. Don’t worry! Our team is expert at what they do!

Multi-Clipping Path

We create multiple paths within a single image to separate and manipulate various parts independently. 

Transparent Object Clipping Path

Objects with transparent or semi-transparent parts, like glassware or translucent fabric need a special kind of path clipping. We are all here for that. 

Color Path 

We change and also adjust the colors of different parts of an object without affecting the entire image.

Vector Clipping Path

Our clients often need precise outlines or paths around objects within an image. We are masters at creating Vector Paths, converting resolution raster images to vector format, and ensuring stability without loss of quality.

Text Clipping Path

We can also isolate any text elements from your image for graphic design or any other agenda you need.

How can I request a quote for my project?

Requesting a quote is easy! Simply visit our “Get a Quote” page and provide details about your project, including the service you need, the number of images, and any specific instructions.

Our team will review your requirements and respond promptly with a competitive quote tailored to your needs.

What industries do we serve?

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including e-commerce, photography, fashion, advertising, real estate, and more. Whether you are an individual photographer or a large-scale business, we have the expertise to enhance your images effectively.

What file formats do you support for edited images?

We work with many file formats, including JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and more. If you have specific format preferences, kindly inform us during the project briefing, and we will accommodate your needs accordingly.

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A Perfect Photo retouching Service

I ordered an image editing service with a 24 hours turnaround time. The images arrived on time, and the delivery was perfect.

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Exceptional Service

I love this company as they help me with my image work, large or small. Their service is excellent and speedy. Their customer service is very responsive and available to assist me whenever I need it.

Amy Vogel

Photography Director, Interline California, USA.
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Great Value for money

I got an excellent value for money, saving time and ensuring quality they completed clipping paths within 24 hours.

Rob Fry