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When taking photos in the fashion industry, mannequins have a history of being distracting. The final result can lose some of the previous appeals and as a result, not bring in enough clients. Research has also shown that there can be biases by clients, depending on the type of mannequin used. So how do you avoid such a scenario?
One thing you should know is the time that it takes to edit out a mannequin. You would have to combine multiple photos, provide both depth and volume for your photos and finally give it enough texture. While it may look simple, it is quite the opposite. Ghost mannequin editing services can be back-breaking work.
What you need to do is focus on your business. Leave the editing of your photos to the editing gurus at Clipping Creations India. Our experts edit each mannequin image project by hand. This guarantees a clean solution that brings both the clothing and the accessories to life.
We are the experts relied upon to create attractive and stunning images with the best invisible mannequin effect available in the market. With Clipping Creations India, you are guaranteed to sell more.

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Get Image Clipping Services at Low Cost

As an e-commerce studio, the bar has never been set so high. Over the years, the service industry has become very competitive. New entrants are entering the industry with novel ideas and products while customers and clients are as picky as ever. Studios are feeling the heat to produce world-class images and offer a professional feel. And one of the ways to do so is to make use of a ghost mannequin service. Clipping Creations India is able to produce and deliver high-volume orders for our clients at an affordable price and considerable speed. Intrigued? Why don’t you get in touch with us today? Our customer care team is always ready and willing to discuss our services with potential clients. Our range of services The professional team at Clipping Creations India knows the type of customers who want ghost mannequin services. What is common among them is their need for fast delivery times, quality work and at the best price possible. These characteristics and more describe the quality of work and the experts at our company. For us to help companies save thousands of dollars, smoothen the workflow process and improve on the lead time, we offer a wide range of ghost mannequin solutions or effects. Some of them have been highlighted below. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Sorts Of Clipping Path Services

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Pack Shot Services

One of the standout services from Clipping Creations India is its 360 pack shot mannequin effect. For this effect, we request our clients to send us shots from all angles for their mannequins; from the bottom, top, neck, and sleeve. Our graphic designers have the expertise to piece it all together and produce still or moving effects.

Neck Joint Service

For a ghost mannequin to look professional, the back and the front of the neck must be connected together. This gives a complete and full shape and achieves the effect of a true ghost mannequin. For quality services at an affordable price, there is no better service provider to call upon.

Bottom Joint Effects

There are some clothing products where the back part is longer than the front. Our experts can merge the bottom part and reproduce the apparel product photo in a clean and professional look. Outsource your photo editing services to the number one service provider in the region. Our experts will remove the mannequin professionally.

Sleeves Joint Effects

One aspect that can ruin the ghost effect of mannequin photo image editing is the hollow portion of the sleeve. That is however nothing to worry about when you have the experts from Clipping Creations on your side.

Your one-stop shop for photo editing services

Clipping Creations India is also available to offer clipping path and color correction services to both mannequin and model images. Save yourself thousands of dollars paid to in-house editors by using our affordable and reputable services. Don’t let your workflow be slowed down by making hundreds of recalibrations and lighting changes. Trust in the professional and expert team known for their custom solutions, dedication, and attention to detail.

Do you have an Online Clothing Business? You definitely need ghost mannequin services

Online clothing businesses and marketers are going to great lengths to build their brands. They are hiring celebrities and professional models to wear their products and make them look glam. But the cost of hiring a model can go beyond the returns accruable from sales. Enter the affordable ghost mannequin effect services. Through the use of mannequins and later on editing services, one is able to post flawless and high-quality products at a very affordable price.

Advantages of Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

Regardless of whether you are an established brand or a new studio starting out, the use of invisible mannequin technology is key to the growth of your business. To help you understand more, the team at Clipping Creations India has outlined some benefits that you get from requesting a ghost mannequin service:

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The following information provides answers to the most common questions that customers regularly have about the topic of clipping path service.

The term clipping path refers to a closed vector path. This path is utilized to take a 2D image and cut it out with the use of editing software. Anything that is included in the clipping path will be included in the final version once the path has been applied. Anything that is outside of the clipping path will be excluded from the final version of the image. Our team of clipping path service experts here at Clipping Creations India has a wealth of experience in undertaking this form of photo editing so that we can consistently deliver the industry’s best results.

There are some specific areas where it is necessary to use the services of a professional clipping path service company. These areas include photos that need to be edited for use in advertising and business-related material where the original background is too noisy or crowded. Clipping path service makes it possible to produce desirable results when it comes to the creation of shadows, photo retouching, and color correction.

One of the common questions that customers have is regarding the difference between clipping path service and deep-etching. The answer to this question is actually a simple one. Clipping path and deep-etching are two different names for the same service.

Customers also want to know when they should apply clipping path. The answer to this is that clipping path should be utilized when an image’s subject has smooth, sharp edges. Using our professional service will ensure that the clipping path stays straight. Trying to do this on your own can often result in a clipping path that is poorly drawn. The end result of this is an image that does not have the desired appearance that you were going for. This is a key reason to turn to our professionals here at Clipping Creations India.

Online store owners are among the most likely to outsource their image clipping service needs to our team here at Clipping Creations India. These online business owners often have to deal with many thousands of images. It can be incredibly challenging for them to find the time required to engage in photo post-processing. This can be highly challenging for business owners who value their time greatly. Trying to get the desired results in-house is also a significant challenge. This is a key reason why so many online store owners turn to our professional expertise for all of their clipping service needs.

When you outsource your product photo editing needs to our team here at Clipping Creations India, you are choosing the industry leader. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are free of the hassle involved with image clipping. You can rest easy knowing that your clipping service needs are being handled by our team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

Business owners that work within the e-commerce realm are the ones who are the most likely to require our clipping path service. They turn to us when they need results that they can count on for images that will display on their online platforms. If you run an online store, you can rely on the Clipping Creations India team to provide you with fast and effective image clipping services that live up to your expectations. We have the capability to effectively manage an extensive number of files and we can do so quickly.

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