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photo editing services

E-commerce is a world of imagery; billions of images are being clicked and swiped every day by customers. To win the hearts of those customers, a business must produce very high-quality photos and produce them fast and in larger volumes than ever before. If you have a photographer, online stores or you just produce E-commerce product images, this is a must-read article.


What Photo Editing Means?
Photo editing service entails editing the photo that you take. The most time-consuming part of photography is post-production, so can save a deal of time by outsourcing this stage. Basically, the actual photo editing services consist of wide adjustments or retouching of color as well as exposure which include cropping or spot removal, dodging and burning. In addition to the editing of visuals, photo editing service goes a long way to help clients in selecting for blog/portfolio, culling, resizing, exporting and doing uploads to client galleries. In the world of imagery, photo editing service is almost synonymous with clipping path service.

What Does Clipping Path Service Mean?
A clipping path refers to vector graphic in Photoshop that outlines an object. Clipping paths are usually used for the purposes of; cutting an object out and secondly wrapping text around it.


How Are Clipping Path Services Used For E-commerce?
In product photography, a clipping path is purposely used to remove the background of a product image. To perform this task, the clipping path usually goes around the product that is then saved as transparent image placed on another background. When the product is eliminated from its background, it can then be saved with no background as a transparent product image or placed on a new background.


Benefits Of Outsourcing A Clipping Path Service
Clipping path services may prove time-consuming for a business because it involves tedious zooming and editing using editing software such as in Photoshop or Illustrator. It is therefore important that you outsource this service. In fact, that will give value to your time and money by allowing you to keep an eye on more creative and more revenue generating work.

When you outsource clipping path services you will also be able to avoid missing important business deadlines and prevent possible delayed delivery of products or services to your existing and prospective clients and therefore enhance your relationships with your customers.

Having a professional to work on your photos or images with fresh eyes may lead you to change your own stylistic preferences, to something you are more contented with.

As a client, there are questions that you should throw a clipping path service provider before making that crucial step to get their services. If the clipping path service provider fails to meet your expectation from his answers, do not take the risk. Below are some of the questions for you should ask:-


1) How should I give instructions?
2) How do you draw clipping paths?
3) Do you have quality assurance?
4) What channels of communication do you have?
5) When and how should I expect my images back?
6) Which clients are you working with currently?
7) Can your service fit my needs?


What should the best clipping path services provider handle the above questions? We are going to take a look at each question at a time.


How Should I Give Instruction?
The service provider should be able to explain his outline communication system properly. An online system should allow you to create specifications explaining whether or not a clipping path is automatically generated or by a use of the hand, set aspect ratio and image size, margins, cropping, shadows, file format and so on. A good clipping path services should have the proprietary interface of their own that allows detailed and specific instructions per image level and per order.


How Do You Draw Clipping Paths?
This can be though as; what is right for your situations? There are several software at disposal for clipping path services to perform the work. An automatic clipping path usually saves a lot of time an come with reduced prices until it does come at a cost. Some of the main useful software available includes Photoshop and Illustrator. It is better you go for the one that fits your needs.


Do You Have Quality Assurance?
The clipping path service provider should not charge for correction if clipping paths are not drawn satisfactorily. An online interface allows a client to review first before and after images and can provide an opinion on reasons for approval or rejection.


What Channels Of Communication Do You Have?
Communication is a major challenge when it comes to photo editing and clipping path service outsourcing. A reputable service provider should offer customer support by chat, phone, and email. When comparing similar services, look at all existing methods to establish if there is a proper system put in place to handle your needs.


When & How Should I Expect My Images Back?
A good clipping path service should deliver silhouettes within the shortest time possible. Therefore you should be able to tell if the service provider values your time in delivering fast. In fact, saving time was one the reasons you sought photo editing services or clipping path services.


Which Clients Are You Working With Currently?
Photography is a varied business, and most clipping path services seek to cater to all market segments. It is important to find how other customers are rating the services probably through their testimonials? You can search for independent rating companies in order to have an idea of the period the photo clipping path service provider has been operating and whether they are responsive.


Can Your Service Fit My Needs?
An ideal clipping path or photo editing service should have a good quality workflow with perfect turnaround time. To be certain, look at their systems and find if their post-production is efficient and scalable. Find out how perfectly the interface they are using performs, how simple or complex it is to use. Don’t forget to find out how much information the system gives you regarding the whole editing or clipping process. Try to find out how editors of the images are assigned to perform your photo editing a clipping path, how training is and finally how secure your images are.


It is always necessary to make sure you get the best value for your money when it comes to outsourcing photo editing or clipping path services. The providers of these services should be able to execute the task fast and save you a great deal of time. Time means money in the world of E-Commerce.

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