5 Tools Everyone In The Photo Editing Industry Should Be Using

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The photography industry is one of the most promising upcoming enterprises worldwide. They need to use lots of photo editing tool to make their job easier. It has attracted a wide range of interest among people and hence many people wish to partake in this venture. Some of these people have gone to higher learning institutions to learn more about this art. Gone are those days where one had to take multiple photos to get the right one. Many of the photo editing tools found these days are computer software. In the selection of the best software to use one should consider two major aspects that are whether one is a beginner or a professional.

Some of these software’s include Corel paint shop pro, Adobe Photoshop, affinity photos and much others in all these software’s, they have some common tools that every editor need for his/her work. And these tools are found in the toolbox and they are used to enhance, draw and view images. The editing tools aren’t used to add color to the pictures being edited but they used to modify the present color. The essential tools for the editors include Venn gage, pixlr, adobe Photoshop, PicMonkey and canva.

Photo Editing Tool that Photo Industry Should Use


It allows the editor to create charts, infographics, reports, banners. This tool is mostly centered on the business world to save cost on hiring a professional photo editor. As a result, beginners use this tool in the photo editing world.
It is mostly an online platform and bloggers mostly use this tool. The site has a vast collection of professional templates, pictogram, and icons. It is free for all users but if one is need of unlimited access to all its features, it is required of on to pay a monthly subscription fee.


Pixlr is a free online editing tool which is not intended for designers and has some familiar tools that can be found in Photoshop. The editor offers tools like stamp tool and gradient tool. It contains some blending tools such as blur or smudge tool. Its most unique feature compared to others is the eyedropper tool. This tool gives texts color in case one is creating a text over an image.

photo editing tool

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most commonly used tools by designers and photo editors worldwide. Every photographer like to use this photo editing tool for their photo editing need. It is also the most expensive photo editor. In this one can resize, edit pictures, enhance and design anything imaginable. It is easy to use over the years as one can edit one layer at a time. With this tool on needs an experienced teacher to guide him or her in using it. Alternatively, one can use video tutorials to learn how the tools work.


CanvaCanva is a popular online tool which is mostly popular to bloggers and beginners. It can produce photos of the same quality as adobe Photoshop. It makes it easier to size the images and move them. The online tool has thousands of templates to choose from during editing of the images. The site also offers design classes to anyone interested.


This is another free online editing tool that is one of the favorite tool to the users. The free version of it contains sufficient editing materials used to make high definition pictures. Some of the features include custom effects, image adjusting, and image touch ups. This is an easy tool to use and makes work easier. It also has a premium version of it which contains more interesting tools which make it more fun to use.

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