How Images Can Boost Your Christmas Sales

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Christmas Sales

The holiday season is one of the best times to boost your e-commerce sales. Rather than worrying about getting more visitors, it is a better idea to enhance your e-commerce store images in order to gain more Christmas sales. We would today touch base upon one of the lesser explored but necessary step which you need to undertake in order to post sales in your e-commerce store.

Image enhancing is ignored by most of the e-commerce stores. The truth is that image enhancing can easily increase your sales by more than 20%.

In this era of cutthroat competition, it is necessary that you put your best foot forward when it comes to holiday season sales. Proper image effects can easily help you gain more sales during the holiday season. The right image can be the difference between an order and an abandoned cart.

We would today share with you some of the reasons why you should use image enhancing software like photoshop to boost your Christmas sales.

1. Getting the right background:

The impact which the product image has on the prospective customers is dependent significantly on the background of the image. When you’re e-commerce images with a white background, the focus would entirely be on the product. This would help you highlight the features of the product rather than distracting the customer with the background.

You do not need to worry about conducting a reshoot to get the white background. The easiest way to achieve this is with the help of photo editing software like Photoshop. It would take a just under 5 minutes to add that white background to your e-commerce products.

2. Gaining traction social media:

Most of the users on social media system are accustomed to high-quality images owing to the extensive use of filters on social media. If you are using the plain vanilla images in your e-commerce store, you would not be able to gain traction on social media websites. Each and every time, the link to your product is shared on social media, it would synchronize the image in the listing. If the image quality is not good enough, you would not only miss out on future social shares but also it would not gain a high click-through rate (CTR).

Social media websites can be a huge source of traffic as well as sales for your e-commerce store. Adding filters to your e-commerce images would always make the products must attractive. Moreover, it would generate more social shares which would expand the reach of your products. Some of the ways in which you can enhance your e-commerce images n photoshop include:

• Spot retouching: This technique removes small defects from the image.

• Color adjustment: With the help of adjustment layer, you can modify the hue, saturation and light level in the picture to make it look more realistic.

• Adding a shadow: In order to give a more realistic look to the product, you can add the shadow to the product by adding an extra layer.

3. Using a collage to increase the sales:

Most of the customers take their buying decision within seconds of arriving on the e-commerce listing page. Therefore, you have just a couple of chances to highlight the features of the product the right way in order to make them buy. A good idea is to not only enhance the quality of the image using photoshop but also to create a collage using photoshop.

The collage of a consist of a normal product image in its entirety in the main section of the image and in the other images which are incorporated into the main image, a feature of the product can be highlighted by zooming in. This ensures that in a single image, the customer would be able to see the product in its entirety as well as the features of the product. This skyrockets your conversion sales as the customer does not have to go through the entire e-commerce listing in order to find out the details of the product.

The HD quality images which highlight the features of the product and also display the product from different viewpoints are more engaging for the visitors. This can certainly increase the conversion rate which you get on your e-commerce store.

This is one of the most effective ways to edit the image for better Christmas sales.

In brief:

Photoshop can induce a wide variety of filters in the image to enhance it, which can certainly help you increase the traffic and conversions in your e-commerce store. Some of the ways in which you can achieve this with the help of photoshop are:

• Choosing the right background for the image

• Getting the images ready for social media

• Creating a collage to highlight the features of the product

Most of the e-commerce store owners work very hard to gain an incremental market share during the holiday season but miss out on these easy steps with the help of which, they would be able to gain more sales. Now that you know how photoshop helps you boost Christmas sales, it is time to induce those filters in your e-commerce images to skyrocket your sales this holiday season.

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