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<p>First of all in order to <strong>Send and/or Receive</strong> files from us please <a target="" title="" href="registration.php"><strong>Create an Account</strong></a><br> in our website which is mandatory.<br> <br> Complications in Uploading and Downloading files could be a very frustrating and<br> annoying experience if it does not happen easily, quickly and smoothly.&nbsp; That is why<br> CCI offers the easiest, fastest and latest hassle free the most powerful file Upload/<br> Download Method and Options available in the industry.<br> <br> Therefore we offer the following several Upload/Download Options to our valued<br> customers all around the world.<br> <br> <br> </p><h3><font color="#330099">Option # (1) :&nbsp; CCI's Own Web-Based Upload/Download Protocol:</font></h3> If you have a minimum and small amount of images and you are seeking for a faster<br> and immediate service then we recommend this is the best option for you.<br> <br> A Flash Application has been programmed and installed into our website where you<br> can get immediate access once you are logged in into our website to Upload and<br> Download your multiple and moderate amount of files with no hassle experience.<br> Using this method is very easy, quick and simple where you don't have to worry<br> about any Third Party Application and involvement.<br><br> To upload files please click this button <br> <a href="" class="upload">Upload Files</a><br> <br> <br> <h3><font color="#000099">Option # (2) :&nbsp; CCI's Own FTP (Known as File Transfer Protocol):</font></h3> If you have Large Size, Extra Large Size or Huge and Enormous amount of images<br> and you need a Regular Basis File Transmission with CSI then FTP System is the<br> most popular and powerful method to Upload and Download your files.<br> <br> To get access to our FTP System and to learn how to use this method to Upload<br> and Download your files please click on the FTP Access Link below.<br> <a href="" class="upload">FTP Access</a><br> <h3> <font color="#000099">Option # (3) : Your Own FTP System:</font></h3> If you prefer using your Own FTP System you are very welcome to do so as you are<br> already familiar and comfortable using it in your own privacy.&nbsp; Just let us know the<br> Login Details like User ID, Password so that we can get access into Your Own FTP.<br> Once we get this access we will then collect your images from there and send those<br> back to you as well once finished.<br> <br> <a href="">Please be informed that we strictly maintain your privacy and confidentiality.</a><br> <br> <br> <h3><font color="#000099">Option # (4) : Alternate or Third Party Options/Applications:</font></h3> You can also choose a Third Party Application like " Drop Box",&nbsp; "You Send It",<br> "Send This File" etc. to send your files to us.&nbsp; However we will send the files<br> back to you once finished through our own server when you would be able to<br> download them using the methods as mentioned above.<br> <br> <br> <h3> <font color="#000099">Option #&nbsp; (5) :&nbsp; CD/DVD or Hard Drive Options/Application:</font></h3> For any reason if you do not like or do not feel comfortable to send and receive<br> your files over the Internet you may use this option.&nbsp; You can copy all of your<br> images in a CD/DVD or Hard Drive and then mail it to us using Certified Postal<br> Service or Trusted International Parcel Service like UPS, FED EX, DHL etc.<br> <br> However, you first must <a href="">Contact Us</a> for details about this option before you use<br> this Mailing Method for the safety, security and confidentiality of your mailing<br> materials and devices<br> <br> We often do not recommend this option as this could be a Time Consuming and<br> a Safety Issue Concern system of your materials and devices.<br> <br> <br> <h3> <font color="#000099">Option # (6) :&nbsp; Your Own Any Other Option:</font></h3> If you would like to transmit your files in any other way other than using the above<br> mentioned methods please feel free to Contact Us anytime to share this option with<br> us so that we would be very happy to try our best to explore the system for you as<br> we are committed to provide you with the best service possible.

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