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Clipping Creations India (CCI) File Upload/ Download Details:

Clipping Path Service

First of all in order to Send and/or Receive files from us please Create an Account
in our website which is mandatory.

Complications in Uploading and Downloading files could be a very frustrating and
annoying experience if it does not happen easily, quickly and smoothly.  That is why
CCI offers the easiest, fastest and latest hassle free the most powerful file Upload/
Download Method and Options available in the industry.

Therefore we offer the following several Upload/Download Options to our valued
customers all around the world.

Option # (1) :  CCI's Own Web-Based Upload/Download Protocol:

If you have a minimum and small amount of images and you are seeking for a faster
and immediate service then we recommend this is the best option for you.

A Flash Application has been programmed and installed into our website where you
can get immediate access once you are logged in into our website to Upload and
Download your multiple and moderate amount of files with no hassle experience.
Using this method is very easy, quick and simple where you don't have to worry
about any Third Party Application and involvement.

To upload files please click this button
Upload Files

Option # (2) :  CCI's Own FTP (Known as File Transfer Protocol):

If you have Large Size, Extra Large Size or Huge and Enormous amount of images
and you need a Regular Basis File Transmission with CSI then FTP System is the
most popular and powerful method to Upload and Download your files.

To get access to our FTP System and to learn how to use this method to Upload
and Download your files please click on the FTP Access Link below.
FTP Access

Option # (3) : Your Own FTP System:

If you prefer using your Own FTP System you are very welcome to do so as you are
already familiar and comfortable using it in your own privacy.  Just let us know the
Login Details like User ID, Password so that we can get access into Your Own FTP.
Once we get this access we will then collect your images from there and send those
back to you as well once finished.

Please be informed that we strictly maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

Option # (4) : Alternate or Third Party Options/Applications:

You can also choose a Third Party Application like " Drop Box",  "You Send It",
"Send This File" etc. to send your files to us.  However we will send the files
back to you once finished through our own server when you would be able to
download them using the methods as mentioned above.

Option #  (5) :  CD/DVD or Hard Drive Options/Application:

For any reason if you do not like or do not feel comfortable to send and receive
your files over the Internet you may use this option.  You can copy all of your
images in a CD/DVD or Hard Drive and then mail it to us using Certified Postal
Service or Trusted International Parcel Service like UPS, FED EX, DHL etc.

However, you first must Contact Us for details about this option before you use
this Mailing Method for the safety, security and confidentiality of your mailing
materials and devices

We often do not recommend this option as this could be a Time Consuming and
a Safety Issue Concern system of your materials and devices.

Option # (6) :  Your Own Any Other Option:

If you would like to transmit your files in any other way other than using the above
mentioned methods please feel free to Contact Us anytime to share this option with
us so that we would be very happy to try our best to explore the system for you as
we are committed to provide you with the best service possible.

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