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Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck Joint Service or Ghost Mannequin Service | CCI

Neck joint (Ghost Mannequin) is a creative product photo editing service which we generally apply on garments items like T-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters etc.  A photographer take two or three views of an image with ghost or mannequin like front view, back view or inner view (partial view). Our experts use the inner view of image to create the neck part & make a complete view like the real image.

Now a day's Neck joint Service become popular in online shopping mall, because they need the complete view of garments. They shot new arrivals garments & send us the images, we perform the images as their instructions & turnaround, and after words they use the images in their web shop.

In Clipping Creations India (CCI), we have an experienced team who are used to do Neck joint service & this service is a highly popular element of our service list. The intention is to create finished images which is seamless & looks natural keeping excellent quality in every single of images. We have considerable experience within this highly skilled area of Neck joint.

Neck joint service is a part of Image Manipulation Service. We provide all kinds of image manipulation service like dramatic lighting changes, manipulating perspective & interpolations, removing mannequin & replacing it with another picture to complete a photograph. Our experts are as skilled that you would never know or realize or understand that the finished image is not the original one.

The art of Neck Joint Service require something more than technical skills & expertise, it need a high level of creativity & experiences. Not only that our experts have vast experience in order to understand the best way to promote a photograph & it is our asset.  We work with our clients as their own Graphic Designers to understand what they want to achieve & then we go to do this efficiently & diligently.  We use a number of image processing software packages like Photoshop & Illustrator to perform this kind of jobs that means we can deal with any type of images & we are capable to export your done images with any type of format which is best for you.

Neck Joint is popular with commercial publishing company, online garments shopping mall, web shop, buying house, and Garments & Textile supplier & so on. Our Neck Joint Service operatives are able to work to an exacting & highly detailed brief of our clients for even flawless images & can create impressing result.

Clipping Creations India is dedicated to their clients & its operatives are creative graphic designers passed from well known Graphic Institute of Bangladesh & India. So we can assure only the best possible performances & quality jobs from CCI. So we like you to judge our quality by sending some free trial images.

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