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Deep Etching Service

Deep Etching to Remove Any Particular Section of a Photo

Deep Etching is a section of photo editing services which allows you to isolate any particular section of an image from its background and later you will be able to get the expected part of an image. You can simply use this isolated part of the image in different ways with different background.

Deep Etching

We live in the world of internet where we are connected with every corners in the world. Now-a-days e-commerce and online store have become very popular & the availability of Internet has made it an easy process to buy or sell products from home. But you can't simply buy or sell anything over internet without uploading the products' images. And when the customers see their expected products, they always want to see the best look of the products. Even if the customers need any products urgent, a bad quality image may not make a sale to that customer. So it is very necessary to make the images attractive to the customers.  You must have a solid strategy before uploading images in case you are designing a website, you have to make sure how the images will represent your products and business and also how the final images will look like. Photoshop has done it easy enough for us adding the deep etching service with all other functions which allows us to make the images exceptionally tempting, neat & clean as well as having different background.

Almost all the e-commerce business owners are dependent on the deep etching. You may ask, why deep etching service is so important and why website designers/developers and e-commerce business owners prefer deep etching ? The application of deep etching in Photoshop has saved countless hours of hard work of the business owners & website developers. Once you enter the art of deep etch, you can apply your imagination in real life creating amazing header or pages for your new website or any advertising within a couple of hours.


There are many countries who provide deep etching service and photo editing services at a very low price. The best of them are Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand etc. These countries have made a tremendous development in the photo editing and graphic design sector. Clipping Creations India is one of the best and most reputed photo editing and graphic design service provider. We have highly skilled image editors, graphic designers and 24 hour customer support crew who will support and fulfill your photo editing requirements. They normally use three types of method to perform deep etching service as tutorial I just described below.


Method 1: In Photoshop (CS5 or CS6), just use the eraser tool to erase the part of the photographs or image which is unnecessary for you. It is done by manually and used in particular type of images.


Method 2: Just use the color selection tool of Photoshop to select & detect specific colors from the image. It may become troublesome if you use images which have so many different colors.


But there's a popular method which is perfect for all kinds of images. We personally prefer it, which is method number 3 below.


Method 3:  I believe the visitors or reader of this article are familiar with a Photoshop tool named Pen Tool to deep etch the part of the image. Actually what are the advantages of this Pen tool? We can answer it from our experiences.


1. You don't need to remove anything on the original picture during the process. That means you will able to use the original picture until you are 100% satisfied with it.


2. It is easy to have control over the tool, so you can adjust & edit it by yourself and the final image will look like as your requirement & the deep etching will look professional.


3. In the final picture there will be no mark or identification that the images are touched up if you use pen tool in Photoshop to deep etch. But before getting this result you should practice well enough but once you have it, then sky will be your limit.


Clipping Creations India also provides clipping path service, photo retouching, photo restoration, photo manipulation, neck joint service, color correction, image masking, background removal, and image optimization etc. Please bookmark Clipping Creations India for any kinds of photo editing services in the future.

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