Why Dark Tones Work Best When Shooting Product Photography

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It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is true and its relevance is seen mostly in product photography where the product photograph is meant to appeal to a potential buyer and convince this buyer to buy the product. For this reason, sometimes photographer take photo editing service. It is therefore important for you to ensure that your product photograph stands out. One of the ways you can achieve this is by using a background or backdrop that brings out the product photograph as desired. Professionals in the field of product photography like Neal Grundy often use dark tones when shooting product photographs.

dark tones product photography
Here are a few reasons why dark tones work best:
1. It places emphasis on the details of the product
A dark background is ideal in product photography because it ensures that all attention is driven to the product. Bright colors can easily “steal” the attention from the product and cause the viewer to focus his or her attention on the background color instead of focusing on the product. Using a black backdrop or background for your product image will fade the background detail and only bring forth the details of your product.
2. It adds a slick feel and sophistication to the product
You can easily get a photograph that has a reflection of the product on a black background. This creates a feel of sophistication and makes the product look expensive. Visitors coming to your eCommerce site will be attracted by the slickness of your product as depicted by the product photograph. You can ask the photographer to take the shots at different angles and then use the ones that will bring out the best features of the product.
3. It communicates well to men
When marketing or promoting a product that is exclusively for men, it is advisable that you use dark colors and black is perfect for this niche market. Supposing your eCommerce site sells watches, belts or spectacles meant for men, then using a black background for these products is ideal as this is considered appealing to men.
However, dark tones are not ideal for all product photographs. Before setting out to get photographs for your products, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Here are some of the questions:
i. Who is the intended buyer– If the product is meant for a male-dominated market, then dark tones are okay. However, if the product is meant for a female-dominated market, then you should use bright colors.
ii. What is the color of the product? – Do not use a dark background for a product that is dark or dull. For example, you should not use a dark background for a product that can potentially disappear into, or be obscured by, the background.
Therefore, it is critical for you to choose a tone that will not only bring out the salient features of your product but also evoke the right emotional response from the intended buyers. Always make sure that you have informed your chosen photographer the purpose of the product photographs that you have hired him or her to take for you.

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