What is value of Masking in Photoshop?

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All necessary preconditions above all for understanding. Without understanding its meaning, knowing the subject, or through information would be very difficult. Also in photo editing, to understand the definition and the value of the mask is very important.

The layers are likely to increase in the main Photoshop original version, but the layers are close together. I would like to discuss it until you fully understand what the value of the mask and the Photoshop masking. You just do not understand the performance of Photoshop if you do not have a clear idea about it.

Photoshop mask is not immediately understandable to the people outside in the arena of graphic design. In the simplest model of the mask is a way to use something for a particular part of the image.

There are mainly two types of masks, clipping masks and layer masks. Both tools are used closely with the term, but there are a variety of applications. Begin talking about layer masks, which are usually what people refer to when they hear how they talk about Photoshop masking.

In general, a mask is to cover or protect, the face is partially or completely used. The tattoo will also help cover some of the areas, but it destroys the hidden part. Any design or color to hide the face and give a new look. But as they cause damage to the skin. In a way, such as the cover is a photo editing program technique to change a picture without destroying the original. We can say that a non-destructive image processing tool is separated.
photoshop masking

In Photoshop you have 5 ways to masking. These are:

  1. Pixel Masking: This is based on the determination of coverage. The area is masked, we can say that the zero pixel area and the area without masking can named non-zero pixel area. This is an extremely ideal mask that used in pattern, hair, face, etc. But it cannot be used for all pictures. Smooth edges and perfect edges with this mask would be difficult.
  2. Vector Masking: This can be used if the former fails. Vector masking used to mask the clean lines, shapes as interfaces. It is difficult to distinguish the coverage of pixels.
  3. Quick Masking: This can be used for the pixel editing tools. This is just a visual description of the photo.
  4. Clipping Masking: This is handy when there are more areas that need the same kind of obscure. It is possible to group layers and the entire group. The best example is the mask varieties. One of the grapes can be covered and the layer can be adjusted so that the layer, which can easily cover the cut mask.
  5. Clipping Paths: The entire image will be masked with the process. Graphic designers work primarily in the studio used this technique for their photo editing need.

In addition to these procedures, other procedures, such as the combination of two types of masks combination, can be a multi-masking, the type masking and so on.


Generally, masking takes a little more time to change the photos of the arrival. Sometimes it is a tedious work that requires more attention and concentration. Though it taking lots of time to mask a photo and edit them. But at the end of it, the fruit of these efforts is wonderful. Another clipping path important masking technique that widely used by the professional photo editor. Clipping path has been most popular that many people need for their professional need. Undoubtedly today all the appropriate marketing needs a well edited photo for their marketing purpose. In this case photography is also an important part of it. Nowadays, wide range of photographers use this technique to perfectly complete their editing task.  The clipping path provides a good selection of indications that will attract the eyes that they observe which increase sell of a specific product.

As the need for this aspect, it is more masking techniques to be improved over time. Compared to the previous year, it is now very simple process. Under the concept and application purposes, then this is the most amazing tool that creates a beautiful blend image. As mentioned above, it is very essential to know the value of Photoshop masking. For this reason, every photographer, photo editor and graphic designer need to have the concept of Photoshop masking.

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