How to Edit image in iPhone Photos App(Basic)

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Editing digital photos usually means using expensive editing tools like Photoshop and learning complex features of the tools. Today, iPhone owners have a powerful photo editing tool built directly into their devices.

Photo application pre-installed on any iPhone and iPod touch allows users to crop images, apply filters, remove red-eye, adjust color balance, and many other features that are also very easy to use. This article explains how to use these tools to perfect photos on your iPhone without learning complex features.

While the images on the built-in editing tool are great, they are not a substitute of Photoshop the widespread tools by professionals. If you want your image completely modified or more serious issues to be solved, the desktop image editor is the best way for you.

Open the Image Editing Tools

Tools space for image editing is not obvious. Set the image editing function as follows:

  1. Open the photo application, touch the image you want to edit
  2. When the image is displayed as a full image, touch the icon that looks like three sliders (photos earlier versions, tap Edit)
  3. There are several keys at the bottom of the screen. You are now in editing mode.

Crop Photos on Your iPhone

To crop an image, press the button that appears at the bottom of the screen on the screen. These put the picture frame (it also increases as the wheel under the compass image.) See the Spin in Photos section for more information about clipping path.

Pull one of the corners to adjust the mounting area. Only those parts of your images are saved when you crop it.

The program has a set of presets by cropping your photos to a particular image format or shape. Open the release tool, and then click the icon. This shows a menu of presets. Select the desired one.

When you are satisfied with your choice, touch the picture at the bottom right of the exit button.

Rotate Photos in The Photo App

You can rotate an image by tapping the icon in the crop. You can rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise, press (in the room next to the arrow) in the lower left corner. You can write it more than once to resume the cycle.

Add a free form control of the direction of rotation under the wheel of the compass type of image move.

When the image is the way you want, save the changes to Exit.

Auto Enhancement of Photos

If you want to use the image editor or want to enhance image, use the automatic function. This feature analyzes the image and uses automatic changes, such as Improve color balance, to improve image.

Touch Auto force icon that looks like a magic wand and has the upper right corner. The changes may be sometimes sometimes, but you know they are made when the magic icon turns blue.

Save the new image version to Exit.

Red-eye removal on iPhone

Press the top left corner button, which looks like a wink with an eyed red removal caused by a camera head. Then tap each eye to correct (specify a more precise location of the photo). Select Done.

These features have two important things:

  1. It is recorded only with photos taken by the camera’s flash. The red eye caused by the flash. If the flash is not used when a photo is hidden, the tool is saved.
  2. If the tool can not detect the red-eye effect, it does not change the image.

Now that the basics are out of the way, we send other advanced techniques that will help you take your image editing skills to the next level for even better results. Continue reading with the Clipping Creations India blog. Do not forget to comment below to send us feedback or resolve any photo editing issues.

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