How to Create a Clipping Path

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Drawing a Clipping path | How to Create Clipping Path Effectively

A clipping path refers to a victories shape used in Photoshop to isolate the image and its background. The choice of the method determines the type of images you will end up with. Handmade clipping path method is preferred because it gives better results. This method is least sensitive to errors and gives beautiful hard edge. The method is also appropriate if you are going to combine it with image editing and other method   that can help you deliver good looking images.

Drawing a clipping path

  • The first thing you must do is to open a path window by choosing an appropriate window in the Photoshop top bar.
  • You need to choose your appropriate tool from the tool bar
  • You may start the path by zooming into the edge of the object
  • You should use Pen tool to select path by placing anchor point inside the edge of the object. If you want curved lines hold the mouse button and pull the turning anchor point. If you are interested in creating straight corners, you may hold the (alt) button down after placing the anchor point.
  • Finally, you need to choose the options on the right top of the path window and select clipping path.

Converting the clipping path to a layer mask

  • The first thing you must do is to click the “path to selection option’’
  • Expand the selection option on the bottom of the window
  • Use the top bar to expand the selection. This can be done by choosing select from the top bar and clicking on expand or modify.
  • Select the correct layer using the selection to layer mask option to help you create a clipping path.

Cutting out images

Images are cut out especially when you want to present them on the web shop or even on print. In this case, the background must be deleted using the clipping path. After effectively knocking out the background from the images, you can now place it on any background of your choice.

The clipping path helps to save everything that need to be saved while the rest of the things will automatically be silhouette. The image extracted in this manner is referred to as a silo and needs to be given a razor sharp edge. The clipping path makes it possible to remove any background temporarily without deleting it. This is important since you can change and put back the background any time you want. Photoshop allows you to make the background to look invisible using the clipping path. This can be done without necessarily cutting off too much of the object. When the background is knocked off in this manner, it is easier to manipulate it and use it in any way you want since you will not lose the original background.

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