Clipping Path: The Magical Photoshopping Technique

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The world of technology is ever-changing. This has seen the development of image editing computer
software such as the famous adobe photoshop. Through understanding the magic with Adobe Photoshop and other image editing software, the Photoshop experts developed one of the best essential techniques called the clipping path technique.  A clipping path is a closed vector shape or path that is conventionally used in cutting out images. This valuable technique is successfully done using an image editing software such as the Adobe Photoshop. After the creation of the path, this technique is then applied to omit anything that is not within the path. The technology is essential in the preparation of designs such as magazine design, brochure designs among others.

Types Of Clipping Path Services

Conventionally, there are seven distinct types of these services to choose from, depending on your
budget and requirements. They include:

Basic Clipping Path Services

This is the primary category of these clipping services. The technique is majorly applied to small
and circular shaped products such as rings, balls, spoons, books, mobile phones among others. Online shop owners who are fanatics of these products can use this technique to promote their products.

Simple or Plain Clipping Path Service

This technique is more complicated than the basic one. It is mainly used for curved products which
have holes. Such products include earrings, t-shirts, chair, watch among others. In this technique, the number of anchor points and curves are more than those of the basic clipping path services. Hence, this technique benefits mostly the jewelry, leather and watch online stores and industries.

Compound Clipping Path Service

This technique helps the photographers to do advanced levels of color correction for their images.
With the help of this technique, it is easier to separately select each color when doing the necessary corrections of colors. In case you are a photographer who has passion in what you do, it is advisable to choose this type of technique to attract sales traffic hence increasing profits.

Superior Compound Clipping Path Service

This technique involves some designs and holes. It is majorly applied to those products which have
fewer curves and corners. There are numerous anchor points considered in this technique. Here the images contain some few embedded holes. These images include group rings, group foods, group watches, and motor parts among others. This a technique is beneficial to those with large E-commerce businesses for group productions and motor vehicle spares.

Complex Clipping Path Service

This technique is commonly used for product images which contain numerous holes, complex and compound shapes, holes etc. These products commonly are a combination of simple shapes together with compound shapes. These combined shapes have numerous holes and many closed path. Such products include furniture, furry doll, cycles, and group bracelets among others.

Extra Complex Clipping Path Service

The technique is mostly applied to products which have many holes and several combinations of compound shapes. Such products include combined furniture, combined group of people, combined chains among others.

Super Complex Clipping Path Service

This technique is majorly applied to a vast array of products that contain zigzag designs, gate
related shapes, double holes, Fences etc. Such products include trees, building gates, fences among others. This type of technique is essential for E-commerce businesses that deal with interior designs and architecture.

Where can you find Clipping Path Services Companies?

These services are offers of professionalism by design companies to extract people or objects from
still imagery. These services include more of manipulation services and photo editing. Those who address such services are graphic design studios, web designers, lithographers, photographers, online store owners and E-commerce site’s owners.

Although everyone can do these services, it needs highly detailed skills and knowledge. Most of these
clipping path service companies are found in developing countries. These companies mostly render their services to developing nations who foster outsourcing services at relatively low costs.

Why is this technique essential?

In the recent years, E-commerce industry and the world of photography have undergone an enormous
development due to the advancement of technology. This has seen clipping path industry make an effort in offering the best and most reliable services that meet their customer satisfaction.

The following are the benefits of clipping path services to online store owners and photographers and the E-commerce site’s owners.

Reduced cost: There is a controlling factor of cost in these services. The game of prices attracts
potential customers and long-term clients. No matter how best the quality of a service is, the customers will always give it a second thought when the rate is high. Creating an affordability limit for a customer is a vital element to attract more clients. These clipping path companies have moderate low prices on their products which gives them a top-notch.

Quality reliable services: What makes these companies different from other photo company is the quality of work they offer. These companies have well-trained and skilled workers who understand the best in the photography world. This gives them the advantage on producing a complete photo with comfort and ease. Every customer and client prefers a complete package, right?

Differentiated products: Nothing gives a company competitive advantage like producing differentiated products. This provides the company with an edge in marketing thus improving
the sales. Customers will readily recognize your goods and services when you add a brand logo to them. In a stiff competition market, optimized images will give you a competitive advantage over the other photo companies.

An attraction to more clients and customers: Through attractive and conspicuous images on the
company’s product, customers will be highly attracted to test the products thus increase your market coverage by a more significant percentage. That’s the dream of every online store owner.


Willingness to pay more by the customers: The clipping path service companies create attractively, optimized and completed images which have huge impacts on the sales trend. Due to the
stylish photos; the customers will be willing to buy more which helps in creating your brand.


Creation of customer loyalty: As a company, it is essential to put strategies and plans to retain
customers and clients. Loyalty is expensive and rear; it does not come quickly. It needs creativity and hard work. Therefore the ability for a company to create and display stylish images is a secret that requires much attention to retaining the loyal customers.


Competitive advantage: Providing detailed products with appealing images gives a company a competitive advantage. The use of clipping path is a tool to make a company stay ahead of
it’s ranging competitors.


As research shows, many online stores owner and photographers realize the benefits of this technique
the knowledge of creating stylish, attractive and optimized images is giving many companies a competitive advantage. This technique has made the photo and e-commerce industry lucrative. With so many benefits, such as increasing customer base, a company cannot ignore to hire the services of clipping path companies.

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