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How To Use Quick Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Quick Selection Tool In Photoshop CS6

In Abode Photoshop, the quick selection tool is much more powerful than the ‘magic wand tool.’ In addition, this tool is much better at identifying

How to Make 3D Text Effect in Photoshop [2022]

In the land of imagery and visuals, there comes a time that you will need to emphasize a particular text or item on a website. Emphasis allows you to draw the

How To Extract Images From PDF? [4 New Methods]

Without specialized PDF tools, to modify or extract images from PDF files can be challenging. When redesigning anything, using images in a presentation, or

Hottest Outdoor Product Shoot Ideas in 2023: Get Ahead of Others

An outdoor product shoot is a perfect opportunity to showcase your products in any outdoor environment. It can be a great way to show your customers how they

It’s Time to Mask FLAWLESSLY! Photoshop Masking Tutorial

In this post, I will demonstrate about Photoshop masking and will provide specially how to make a perfect Photoshop masking. This is the process
product photo studio

How to Set up A photo studio for product shots

A photo studio can seem like a lot of work, which means many people, including you, may avoid it. It stings that this might be necessary to compete with other

5 Essential Photoshop Tools to Edit Your Blog Post

Since last month I have been going through Photoshop skills in order to make the photos much better for my blog and today I am going to introduce you to 5 top
Boosting Your Creativity in 5 Great Ways feature image

Boosting Your Creativity in 5 Great Ways

You can always cultivate your creativity regardless of whether you are a photographer, writer, artist, entrepreneur, employee or hobbyist. Fortunately, the new
clipping path

Why Photo Industry Need Clipping Path

Nowadays, most photographers invite your product to shoot in front of a pure white background. The reason is not only the fact that the product looks more