8 Best Way to Make Money as a Photographer

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Photography is interesting and some of the images taken speak a thousand words. But the main challenge is how to make money from photography. It is possible to earn money by taking photos and to achieve success in this area; you must look beyond the traditional opportunities like wedding photography and photo editor. The internet has brought many opportunities to earn from taking pictures as a career. So how do you get cash using your skills in photography?

  1. Selling Stock Photography

This is not one of the easiest ways to earn as a photographer. You must shoot very high quality photos different from what other people can do. It means you have to go out and be creative so as to attract people to buy the pictures. You create your website and upload the pictures there and people will purchase them for use in their website, magazine, design and many others. People are always looking for stock images to use in various ways.

The best way to become established is to specialize in a one specific stock style and excel in it. A random mix will be hard to sell and buyers will not be sure what to find in your website. Patience is important because as a first time stock seller, people will not be sure about your quality. Learn from criticism and improve in various aspects photography and soon you start making sales.

There are also good sites where you can sell your photos apart from using your website. iStock is one of the, but you have meet a certain criteria before your photos are accepted. Getty Images also sells images and you have to be pro with high range stock. Additionally, you can sell in Fotolia, which is very popular, but has too many images and yours may not get maximum exposure.


  1. Selling Photos as Prints

Selling image as prints is easy. The hardest part is getting buyers who can pay for them. The first thing you can do is to upload your images into a printing sites and may be someone will see them and buy. After you make sale, the website will deduct some amount making your returns minimal. Some of these sites include Red Bubble, Imagekind.com and Picasso Mio.

You can also print your photos and sell them directly to people or ask your local gallery to it for you. It takes time to become successful, but it’s one of the most profitable ways to make money from photography.


  1. Blog

Blogging is a good way to give your photos maximum exposure. But, all the photos must be yours if you want to succeed. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for you to start making money as a photo blogger. Include some written words for people to understand your photos better.

As an expert in photography, you can also use the blog to teach others people about photography at a fee. Depending on the number of people interest, you can make a good income from single person sessions and group classes.


  1. Get Hired As a Photographer

Most photographer do not li9ke working from other people. While it’s true it can slow your career, it will also give you some financial stability especially if you are a beginner. The pay may be little, but it will help get your name out there. From there you can move on and start advertising your work to various business. Having been employed, you will definitely have a good portfolio that will earn you some business opportunities.

When hired, you get rich experience in a specific area of photographer. So when you decide to start working on your own, avoid jobs that you are not experienced in. A good example is accepting a wedding photography job, it would be disastrous and taint you name in a very bad way.


  1. Selling Photography Equipment

With all the knowledge and experience you have gained in photography, you know the best equipment for this job. Most people will trust you and buy cameras and others equipment used in photography. Use online platforms to sell the accessories and make sure your prices are reasonable compared to what local stores are offering.


  1. Look For Work Online

There are online websites where you can bid for photography jobs. The internet helps you find work through platforms such as Thumbtack and they only charge you a small fee for using their websites.

Build a Social Media Following

Today, it’s easy to build a social media following as a way of making money from photography. Create a Facebook page and use Instagram to get a huge following due to unique and attractive photos.


  1. Paparazzi

Most people do not like being associated with paparazzi, but it’s a good way to make money. It is perfect for those who live in the big cities such as Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York and many others because they can get amazing shoots of celebrities and sell them.

The market for such photos is big but the amount you earn is determined by your ability to handle the buyers. They can be sold to local papers and magazines especially if you have a connection with them. This way of earning money is not for the fain heated, but can be lucrative for those who choose to stick to it.


  1. Enter Competitions

Most people forget to join competitions or just ignore them. They are a good way to make money, especially if you believe you are good in what you do. Try it because most of them are free to join and make some extra cash.

You cannot depend on competitions as you source of income as they do not happen all the time.
However, join them when they are available and you never know, your name may get out there and earn you some business.

So now you know how to make money from photography. There are many others ways that you can also use to sell your work and all you need is to a wide research. Those images in your PC or laptop are cash waiting to be liquefied. Select the best way to sell them and make sure you use a genuine website if you want to do it online. Otherwise as a photographer, you can make money and live comfortable doing what you love most.


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