5 Best Sites for Learning Photoshop

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Designers use Photoshop as a common tool to shape their ideas, but to know each tool and function is not as easy as it sounds. At one time or another, every creative genius in the field of design looks for help in the form of available resources, tutorials, intensive courses, e-books or anything else that can be used to improve the design. Different people prefer other ways to improve their Photoshop skills. For this reason, I have shared 5 best sites for learning Photoshop. All the sites provide various resources which will help every design to enhance their designing skills.

All websites will be very useful for designers to learn about the new Photoshop and its tools. Amateur designers to mid-level or professional designers, almost everyone in this field use these websites today to learn Photoshop and get updated with the new features. These websites offer different type of courses, seminars workshops, tutorials, video tutorials and much more which is very helpful for the beginner to professional. In addition, these websites is highly recommended to read regularly to realize the new features, tools.

Are you the designer who is looking for the right site to improve your design skills; want to be familiar with new tools and everything is with Photoshop? No need to look any further. Here I posted 5 best sites to learn Photoshop. I assure you that you will find it useful to learn Photoshop. All you need to do is make your selection of a site, it is best to learn how to find Photoshop!

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  1. Lynda


Lynda is one stop solution for those who want to learn each and everything about Photoshop. Lynda offers the best standard Photoshop courses for all learners. It has more than 340 courses and 18,000 video tutorials which is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. All these courses are easy to follow and designed by world class instructors with years of experience in this field. You can access all these courses and video tutorials at just $ 25 per month.

  1. Adobe TV

We all know About Adobe and this Photoshop learning site is directly from those who created the software, so you can expect good quality video tutorials from this site. The best part is all these video tutorials are easy to follow and you will not have to shell out a penny. All of these tutorials are divided into the most viewed, top rated, recently added tags, so you can find the exact tutorial you want to see. So I recommend this site to the person who likes to learn the video tutorial.

Adobe TV

  1. KelbyOne

KelbyOne is another privileged Photoshop tutorial website that focuses more on photography and Photoshop resources. KelbyOne offers membership options starting at $ 25 and lets you learn everything about Photoshop, Lightroom and photography. I find the website more useful to learn Photoshop.


  1. Photoshop Cafe

The ultimate source for Photoshop – all educational resources related to Photoshop, photography, lightroom, digital art and more for more. The website is useful for everyone, as they offer free tutorials also in various categories, such as Photoshop tutorials and Lightroom, all versions of Photoshop guides, reviews, contests, interviews, tips and tricks and much more.


  1. Photoshop Essentials

Lastly, Photoshop Essentials is a useful site for Photoshop learners. The unique feature of this website is learners can download ready-to-print PDF files, so they can learn anywhere and offline. All classes are divided into basic notions, photo retouching, photo effects and more. I personally learn a lot from this website and thankfully able to improve my Photoshop skill.


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