Pen Tool for Path

Pen Tool for Path

Even with all the custom shapes available, you might need to create a path that’s unique to a specific image. For that, Photoshop offers the Pen tool and its associated tools. Before you start creating paths willy-nilly, you can probably benefit from a little bit of background information about paths. You can complete you clipping path assignment easily using pen tool and creating path. Read more

Enhance your images automatically

Automatic Image Enhancement

Correct common photo problems quickly using automatic enhancement tools such as the powerful Auto Smart Tone.

Most people would probably prefer to spend more time taking photographs than editing them. For
this reason Photoshop Elements’ editing modes are crammed full of menu commands that are designed to automatically enhance your shots with the minimum of time and effort on your part. The automatic enhancement commands are designed to overcome common photo problems with a few clicks. Read more

Tiny File Manager
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